Is Voov a Locally Developed App?

A while ago I was browsing these Twitter streets and found it odd when herds of Twitter profiles had profile names that start with the characters “Voov:” instead of the regular “IG:” which we have all gotten accustom too. You’ve seen that Voov before right? Well, if you haven’t let me save you the Google search. Voov is a live streaming app. But of course you probably saw it before reading this post and you were asking yourself “The fuck is Voov?” or you Twgoogled it

If you go by the buzz around the app you might fall victim to believing that it is a locally developed app because everyone is so patriotic in how they use it. With Khanyi Mbau and DJ Zinhle on the front of promoting this app with their live streams. They are doing such a great job promoting the app that people even start to wondering if Voov is a locally developed app.


Quick answer would be:

Of course I’m not your parent so I can’t just tell you no and look away. So yeah, allow me to substantiate on how Voov isn’t a local app.

Case One: What is on the Web

Voov South Africa has  a website on and you should see the links to Apple Store or Google Play from there. There are more details about voov on the store listing, specifically the developer of the app (more on that later) and of course the listing also contains a link to the site which the developer would like people to visit when they are looking for details. But this site isn’t the one we saw on instead the mother site we are taking to is

One thing you can see on the two sites is the difference in representation. has a beautiful cover picture of a diverse group of people doing the most with regards to talking a group selfie.


This would be fitting if the app was locally developed because even me I have beautiful people on the cover picture for my app.


So now it’s kinda weird why doesn’t have as much diversity on the forefront as compared But okay, maybe one would scrap their diversity cover when approaching the international world for reasons?


Case Two: Who Owns these Web Domains

Let’s see whois the person who owns

The whois result for

Wow! How did the people at WeChat Africa Services not tick the “keep my identity private” checkbox when they acquired this domain in April? Respect to their cost cutting measures!

Okay now whois the person behind

The whois result for

Damn. No dice on who owns this domain. Okay at least we can see it was aquired last year as compared to which was only aquired this year.

So the domains aren’t really a conclusive matter.

Case 3: The Developer on the Store Listing

As seen on Google Play and iOS we can see that Tencent Mobility Limited which is the Chinese company that brought you WeChat! Now here is where we put 1 and 1 together. WeChat Africa is in partnership with Naspers. So we see Tencent is doing a good job at developing these apps, but a whole better job at getting their apps in to the world.

Conclusion: Voov Is Not Locally Developed

If you are looking to use any locally developed apps though, I would recommend you check out Bookdash, Thread Tweets,, Payfast, and many more in these streets.