My quick SAMRO experience

Being the wanna be artist that I am, I decided to finally head over to the SAMRO building to register and see what the process looked like.

I was genuinely shocked at what it is made to sound like as opposed to what it is. The process is easier than I imagined.

These are my notes on the day.

  • The first thing I noticed was that the building is hard to find. A big sign would help, especially for people driving there. It’s hard to identify the building. Google maps helps a lot, however it would help to be able to see which entrance to go into, or know that it is the right address.
  • There is not enough parking in the area, so be cautious of this. You might need to park a bit further away if it’s busy.
  • Once inside, the awesome ladies at reception help you. Make sure to bring your ID to make things easier.
  • While I was there, there were a few people waiting to see the consultants. The queue was short. You get a ticket at reception, so you get an idea of how long the queue is. It shows up on the monitor in the waiting area.
  • There is a vending machine for snack, which is cool. The coffee machine does not seem to work though, which sucks.
  • The Internet connection is extremely poor from that building. So checking in and such will be a problem. It is painfully slow.
  • Make sure to bring your music with. Preferably in a physical medium. Also have track information available.Things such as length, genre, name, the composers, the share going to each composer.
  • I did not fill in a single document, this is what blew me away. I went there with stacks of papers I got online thinking I have to fill these in and submit. Nope. I sat with the lady, she asked me about the track information, the composers, my details, for my ID, and other information. Then I signed…and BOOM. Just like that, was done.
  • The entire process, including waiting. Took about an hour. Big ups to Samro for trying to make the process easier and quicker.
  • Once done, you get a piece of paper with your Samro number, and you will have access to a portal in just over a month where you can update your details and do other things.

I was registering as an artist, for the first time. The process might be different for other people doing other things.

We are excited about the move from paper to digital, looks like Samro is making the right moves.