Mr Robot: Failed Revolution

Mr Robot Season 1, is by far one of my most favorite seasons of any series out there. It’s based on this skilled programmer trying to take down one of the worlds biggest financial instituation by hacking their systems and deleting all the records they have on peoples credits. Effectively performing a hard reset on the system as we know it. There are a number of things that make the series so cool. One of the most outstanding ones is how slow paced everything is. All hacks depicted in the series all happen whilst one of the characters in the show has a monologue. Sometimes the monologues are by the starring, explaining how he is pulling off the hack. But no matter what, the monologue grabs your attention as you stare at the shots coming on and off the screen.

Eventually the original plan succeeds but then we s…

actually you know what. I don’t feel like writing this anymore. I got my honours research to work on. I’ll just tweet about this and get it over and done with.