Rick And Morty: Rick’s Suicide

If you are a Rick and Morty fan like myself, then you most likely can’t wait for Season 3 to start. If you don’t know what Rick And Morty is, then go watch it now cause this Post Contains Spoilers!

I don’t know what to expect with this forth coming season of the cartoon, but something in me anticipates to see an episode solely focused on Rick’s Suicidal nature. We’ve already seen plenty of Rick’s attempts at ending it all. We just don’t realize it. Apart from the blatant Suicide attempt in the season 2 episode, where Rick hooks up with Unity again but it ends with them breaking up for the same reasons they broke up the first time, we see Rick would have successfully killed himself as soon as he got home had it not been for the fact that he passed out from the drugs and partying  an instant before his death trap went off, one can’t really see any other Rick attempts at suicide, unless of course one over analyses a couple of the episodes. Even in the start of the pilot episode, Rick wakes up Morty and takes him on a ride in his flying car telling him he created a bomb to wipe out all humanity and start things a fresh. What are the chances that the bomb would’ve actually just blow up the car, killing only Rick and Morty, and Rick only told Morty that they were gonna pick up Jessica to make him feel good right before his death? Rick was trying to die that night we got introduced to him.

This, from a very very abstract viewpoint, is the plot for most of the series. Rick creates something that destroys things, and takes Morty along for some reason Rick makes up to justify creating the thing that destroys things. What I’ve picked up from the whole series is that Rick actually creates things that he wants to kill himself using, but he plans to take Morty with him to the other side. And him waiting for the right time to do it, is the only reason why the series didn’t end in the opening scene of the pilot episode. Rick wants Morty to be at ease when everything goes boom! A reason that explains the premise for the other parts in the series, where Rick and Morty constantly escape life or death situations. Situations Rick has no desire of dying in. And we all saw how much Rick intends on things working out the way he wants them to work out, the old man even took the Devil out of business. Similar to how he wont let the Devil get his way, Rick also won’t let the God of Death decide when Rick gets to die, as inevitable as he know it is, he wants to go when he feels the time is right.

Maybe you think I’m reaching when I say Rick is trying to kill himself, and take Morty with him. But let me remind you about the season 1 episode called Rick Potion #9, where Morty is going to the Flu season dance, and wanted Rick to give him some sort of chemical that would make a girl of interest fall in love with him. You know, because love is hormonal and what not. Rick was more interested in Morty passing him a screw driver, so much so that he didn’t see the need to warn Morty that the potion becomes a virus if you use it on someone with the flu, too focused on his latest invention. So the virus spreads and Ricks attempts it fixing things makes matters worse (something very uncharacteristic of the genius that is Rick Sanchez, I wonder where his mind was at) and so Rick has to go to an alternate dimension where that dimensions Rick* manages to cook up a solution to the virus and things get back to normal, but due to a freak accident (caused by Rick* turning a Screw three times, a turn of a screw Rick* specifically needed Morty* to pass him a  screw driver for) Rick* and Morty* die and Rick and Morty get to take their place. This freak “accident” brings into question a few things though, how did the original Rick now that the other Rick* was about to die? Obviously Rick can’t see into the future, let only the future of another dimension. Unless Rick already knew that the Ionic [Defablizer] was actually a tool for him to kill himself, and Morty passing him the screwdriver was just a way to ensure that Morty was around when it happened, without having to explain himself too much. Rick wouldn’t have knew that that dimensions Rick* and Morty* were about to die, unless he knew the invention was something he made to kill himself with.  Too me, it seemed like the perfect moment Rick would wait for to end things. Everyone was smiling and all the drama in the world had quieted down.

The writers might have also played with Ricks suicidal nature a little further, because in the episode right after the one of Rick’s failed suicide, he and summer teleport to Planet Gazorpazorp where the females of the planet have the saying “If you need to talk, I’m here” as their greeting. In plain sight it seems as a saying a planet ruled by woman would actually adopt from a comedic perspective, but beneath the layers one can see that that would be something you would tell someone if you know they are carrying some emotional baggage, or more specifically you know they are suicidal. Rick and Morty reminds us that there are bigger things then human existence in the universe and a poet I know once reminded me that the universe is always listening. The universe probably witnessed Rick’s failed suicide and this greeting could’ve been the universes way to tell rick that he needs to express his emotions more, and not just express a fart. But obviously this is another reach from my side. Why would a genius who has been absent in his families life for the longest time ever, come back to die?

I just can’t wait to check season 3 of this epic cartoon out. It will either take us further down the rabbit hole that is Rick Sanchez, we may or may not see another Rick Suicide attempt in the whole series since this could just be a cosmetic connection, my mind mistakes as thematic. But something tells me, things are definitely about to get schwifty.

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