Google is the Worst

First things first, I love Google as much as the next geek but I don’t love it to the point where I do not see its flaws.  The following is a post about how Google Is The Worst when it comes to having its software running on linux systems.

The first time I had this thought I shrugged it off as me being fussy, but just last week I needed to download a 6 GB from my Google drive and the browser kept failing to download the file after a couple tries. Which lead me to wanting to install Google drives desktop application which, unlike the browser, will continue downloading a file if and when it fails or is interrupted. But to my shock the was no download for Google drive on the internet. All I found was a message saying linux wasn’t supported yet. A message I only believed after I installed chromium. 🙁

Some of the reasons why I like native desktop applications for cloud services is that I keep the data locally for offline use and the changes I make will be synced later when I connect to the internet. They also make downloading larger files an easier task then hoping one’s internet connection doesn’t leave him when he needs it most. I got accustomed to such features from using dropbox. Which does have a linux desktop application. 🙂 Come to think of it, dropbox has an application on almost all platforms. I should check if I can actually USSD my dropbox folder when I get the time.

Google has more money to pay for development of native desktop applications on many more platforms then dropbox. Why is it that Google isn’t using that money though? Actually let me leave Google a message. I know it probably will have a crawler all over this page anyway.

Dear Google,

Come on! I don’t want to be using windows when I need to use any off your applications. I prefer using a linux based OS most of the times when I experiment with development, whether learning a new software Augean or just testing a fresh development tool. I live windows for my entertainment and leisure.

Google! don’t make me default to Windows for software use! I beg of you. I need Google drive’s desktop application to work on linux. And while you at it bump up the tools used in Android Studio that are not developed from 64 bit execution yet.


Okay, I’m done. The last line of my message to Google will be a post for another day. This might actually become a series on how Google is the Worst at supporting linux based OS’s. I fear the day where even Microsoft makes software that has better support for Linux based OS’s then Google. Oh… wait…