TMI because of FOMO


Don’t think the heading makes sense? Well , you might want to go and check the Merriam-Webster Unabridged dictionary. Over 1400 new terms have been added to the dictionary, as if we didn’t have enough to say.

What is more interesting though, would be how popular use of words can result in the word being added to a dictionary. Case and point.


Yes, TMI is a valid abbreviation now, so is FOMO which obliviously is an abbreviation for Fear Of Missing Out. You can’t say you don’t like the world we live in.

A world where you can say the following :

ICYMI, Siya had some wacky tobacky, which is obviously dipsogenic. But anyway he smoked that stuff hella and started suffering from nomophobia while wearing athleisure to go jogging. It was so bad, he was seeing bees waggle dance.

This is stuff hipsters are made off. Yes, each and every one of the words bold and italicized have been added to the dictionary. I can’t see how it would be harder to communicate now.

So the next time you don’t understand what someone is saying, don’t panic. It is possible they just read the latest dictionaries out there. Here is a bonus for the short post, which does not mension any technology.


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Just so you know, the quoted text is simplified as follows:

I case you missed it, Siya had some marijuana, which obviously creates serious thirst. But anyway, he smoked that stuff excessively and started suffering from a fear of not having access to a working cell phone while wearing clothes that can be worn for both exercising and general use to go jogging. It was so bad, he was seeing bees doing some movements indicating distant food.

Why? because English…