Play game on Google chrome offline

We all hate having a low battery, but what’s worse than that? Having no Internet access. That just sucks.

Ever ran into this screen?


Most probably. But the cool thing about Google is that it’s , well, cool.

The guys and girls there hid a little Easter egg. If you click on the┬átyrannosaurus rex…poof! it starts running, and just like that, you are playing a game. This is what you will see.

Screenshot_TRex3 ScreenshotTRex2

Yes, you can play this game offline and try and get a high score, it’s not easy though. Just tap the screen to get the T-Rex to jump over the cacti.

Go ahead, give it a try. If you are lucky enough to have mobile data then switch it off and try accessing a webpage on chrome.

This is a neat trick from Google…our friend.