There is something new under the sun?

In this golden age of the Internet and technological boom, everyone seems to have an idea that can make millions. We all have a solution to a problem, as a result, many of us have a fear sharing ideas. People seem to think all it takes is an idea and knowing either a software developer or someone with the right connections.

What if I told you whatever you are thinking of, someone, somewhere has thought about as well, or thought of a variation of it. Not that hard to imagine right? In the very rare case where people think of something a bit more unique , whether it be a service, application or device, they fear sharing the idea believing people will steal it..that is some bull s**t.

The truth of the matter is that some of the, no…wait, correction. The greatest recent ideas on this earth came alive because someone shared them with someone else or a group of people. For example, the Steve Jobs and Wozniack team, Facebook was shared amongst friends. For Google to become the giant it is today the employees shared their ideas with the founders. Until we move away from fearing to share our ideas, they will stay in our heads and slowly fade over time, never seeing the light of day. We must start the habit of sharing ideas and finding ways to bring them to life as a collection.

As possible as it is to create something on your own, not only does this require more work, it potentially can waste your time. Too many people we have seen think they have the next big idea, only to let them know it either already exists, or would require a massive amount of resources which they have no access to. Sharing ideas opens you to scrutiny, which for most people is something they try and avoid, but they need to get into the habit of accepting it simply because it is part of SWOT analysis. And once you realize early on that your idea has a lot more Threats and Weaknesses as compared to Opportunities and Strengths it puts you in a position to re-evaluate the idea.

This post is not about ideas that fail, so I will end with why we need to share ideas. We as Africans are truly creative and  good at solving problems. We need to start coming together to solve not only our country’s problems, but those of the world. There is nothing new under the sun, however, there are new ways to solve existing problems. We just need to put our heads together.

We at eregardless are proud supporters of the thinktanksa. This is an initiative in which people share ideas and possible ways to solve them. The next think-tank session will be happening soon, keep an eye out for the dates of the next event on Facebook and on Twitter as @ThinkTankPeople, you can even be a speaker. We at eregadless try to bring those ideas to life through tech.

Thanks to Kgothatso(co-author of the blog) for being on my case to start writing again. I will try and get posts out on a weekly.