When Form Can’t Keep Up With Function

I recently downloaded Crocodile Browser on my phone and after visiting a couple of web pages it was plain to see that it was the quickest browser I’ve ever used onĀ  a mobile device. And the coolest thing is the browser didn’t sacrifice website functionality to achieve it’s goal, something employed by Opera on it’s aim to reduce data consumption. The only bad thing I can say about the app is it has a ugly

I just had to check out their website and see how the developers got to doing what they did. And I got to say the boys behind bludoors.com are prodigys indeed. One brother works on the funcionality and the other works on the UI. It’s safe to say the one working on the UI still has miles to catch up with the level of complexty which one finds in the functionality. I don’t know how they go towards designing their apps but they could use some outside help. This young brothers have what it takes to take on the world. If only their UI wasn’t that bad. If you don’t believe me check out their website here.