Review: Cassper Nyovest Android Mobile App

Cassper Nyovest is by far one of the most prolific musicians we have in the country and his hustle is really keeping cats in the game on their feet. One of his latest moves was an Android “app” (pronounced Android *open air quote* app *close air quote*).  First of all mad props to him and his team on getting someone to put it together for them, but I don’t think they have much knowledge of the tech space so the hype of having an app might have influenced how they react to the app. Good thing here at IT heads we deal with tech on a daily so… what follows is our reaction to Cassper Nyovest Android App.

Cebo: My first question would be why does it need access to so much stuff on my phone?
Kgothatso: I forgot to see all that… shit.

So yeah before you install the app it presents you with a long list of unnecessary permissions. Things that the apps functionality actually doesn’t need for it to work.


Kgothatso: Damn, out of the 9 permissions they have they only used 2. Full network access, and modify contents of the SD card! I think it might be cordova based app.

FYI: Cordova is a multi platform framework that allows you to develop apps for Android and iOs through some basic html.

Kgothatso: Yep, they used phonegap for this app

What this could mean is that the developers of the Cassper Nyovest app actually just followed some cheesy tutorial on how to develop an app. 🙁 As an Android developer my heart bleeds right now.

Cebo: This is weird, once you open the app they ask you if you want caching so you see content offline. This is the world it has people in it and people are weird so I am sure there is someone who will say no to that and always have the internet…so I selected no…and now I can’ t find where you toggle this setting.
Cebo: I can another interesting find.

If you click the moving text at the bottom it takes you to a screen to look at Twitter posts and news. Now they news part you can search for something like “football” and it returns a not found popup.

Now go back to the main page, swipe down and it brings up a search bar, search for anything there like “football” and results appear. Not sure if this was the desired functionality

Now the point Cebo raised is a very important one. This point means that the creators of the app didn’t follow good development principles and so that lead to their program being inconsistent in the manner in which it handled repetitive actions. 🙁 My heart bleeds.

Kgothatso: All those points happened to me as well. Also if you totally have no internet access. You cannot open the app. That shit is some whack shit. So I switched back on the internet and wiped it’s data. This time I said yes to the cache thing. But it turns out it only saves the layout and images of the app. I wasn’t able to access any other media from the app. Including the snippets of songs I was listening to a minute from that.

This here action is caused by the fact that the app loads like a website. Had the developers implemented a mobile app paradigm content should’ve loaded when you initiated the app. 🙁 My heart bleeds.

Kgothatso: Also the track listing is redundant. Some songs are repetitive and some song titles aren’t the actual songs that you hear when you play the songs ( Mama I made it being the main example).
Kgothatso: But one good feature is that the music snippets keep playing one after the other. On sad thing is that songs keep playing even if you leave the music screen and if you go too far you well probably not know where the current song that is playing is.

Wow! I found something I did like about the app.

Cebo: Need to see that…With the News and Twitter page, there is a limited number of news articles and twitter posts. the user cannot manual load more. The lists get updated when I restart the app.

Remember kids, your users always need to be able to sync app data. Don’t deploy your app out of the testing phase if this feature here only works on your apps load.

Cebo: Did you see with the videos you try and play one and it re-directs to the Youtube app or the web…
Cebo: The “my story”  under More shows a Google mail sign in page
Cebo: It’s cool that it has some sort of a built in browser though, don’t know why they didn’t use it for other things.

You see in the world of app developement, a broswer can display almost everything. What Cebo was implying here is that one could’ve easilly made the youtube videos play on the app it self by embedding some youtube html code and what not. Remember: This is an html based app implementation.

Cebo: Events are empty
Kgothatso: Yes, i think they didn’t have a social media platform that loads events.

You see… what this app actually does is it points to already existing app platforms. It cannot host any data of it’s own. So for them to show events, Cassper’s team would need to use which ever tool the developers have an API to stream through.

<Refering to use of html to load content>

Cebo: Under more, other links use it but others like Soundcloud call the external browser and they could have used it with the videos so you don’t have to leave the app to watch the videos
Kgothatso: Oh! That! I think they reached the app. Apperently his team put it together for his birthday.
Kgothatso: His team isn’t that interested in quality so

And if I’m allowed to quote one of the most relevant African proverbs:

We all know what a rushed album sounds like

In conclusion of the review. We all know what a rushed app works like. But Casspers team are not to blame for this app. The company 864Mobile is the culprit! These dudes even had the nerve to give it version number 4.4.2!
How? How sway? This is maybe version, but how did ya’ll skip 4 full versions, people at 864Mobile?  Actually let’s see what other apps this “company” (pronounced *open air quote* company *close air quote*) put out. The following are the events of me checking out the other apps from 864Mobile.

  1. Downloads Swiss Cycles…
  2. Uses it for the first time…
  3. Heart Bleeds…
  4. Wipes blood from the phone…
  5. Returns to writing the review.

Wow! This used the same outdated Cordova design? They have the same version number 4.4.2 for this app as well? Why does this app also has the same number of unneeded permissions? Why does this app also have an empty events page though? How much code can these guys actually write? How much of a script kiddie are they?

But objectively speaking the Swiss Cycles app is a little more well built then their Cassper app. They even have a navigation menu nyana at the top left. But yoh! The colour blocking is real with this one!

End of review. We invite 864Mobile to also review one of the apps we have developed namely Dololo. Guys let’s build each other. I believe that some of the issues we raised might already be in your TODO list as professionals. I hope to see your progress over the years. Keep doing what you do. Because I did see something on your apps that does show that you got some idea of developement, the great feature I’m speaking about is summed up in the next screenshot taking by Cebo trying to open the Cassper Nyovest app the other day.



Hahaha… what a way to let someone kn0w they should “pay back the money!” As an artisan I got respect to that feature. Haha… good thing payment has been made or else people wouldn’t be able to see half the stuff we were talking about.