My first experince with the Whatsapp Web application

Whatsapp, the very mobile application which could rightfully use cliche slogans like “connecting people” but chooses not to, is really maintaining a strong grip on all it’s users. Whether it’s supporting Android devices all the way back to Android 2.1 (API 7, for android developers) or adding the VOIP feature, which no-airtime-having users who live in free WiFi zones love to bits, I believe it’s safe to say that once you go Whatsapp you can never go SMS. No matter how much you hate the “blue ticks” or the ever so endangering “last seen” tell tale. In it’s efforts to maintain an even greater grip they have implemented a Web interface for us to be able to Whatsapp while using laptop or desktop machines in the workplace without looking like mobile zombies.

Maybe this feature has been around for a while but I only I got to using the Whatsapp Web app for the first time today and it was quite an experience. Firstly I command how they used the QR code for authentication. There I was holding up my phone to the computer screen like I was taking a retarded selfie. Just like that the web app was logged in, no need for username or password. Just have your phone on you and you can “log in”. Why have we not been funding this?

Okay so now I was logged in and one thing I found impressive was how quick I started seeing chats and all, it even had the delayed image loading found on my old android device. It’s at this time I continued one of the conversation I was having with a friend and I saw the web app had also loaded the chat history for that too. This particular bit raised alarms! Since I once read the Whatsapp FAQ back when Facebook had not bought it and I knew that Whatsapp declared that it doesn’t store conversations, meaning no authority could approach them asking for your chat history. Unlike how NSA could see your life record which is stored on Google servers by just sending them requests. I then went back to the FAQ page to see what was the update. While doing this I switched off my phone because I hated getting the phone notifications on every message I recieved while I was using the web app. I was relieved to find that they still maintained the same issue of not accessing your chat history on this FAQ >> <<

I then got back to exploring the Web app, and this time I choose to go for my older chats. then I saw that chats were still loading and they had actually not been loading since I had switched off my phones data connection because I hated hearing my phone notifications while I was using the web app. Now this is genius in it’s digitized form. Whatsapp Web actually uses ones phone as a server for the content it has to dig up! Allowing Whatsapp to not store your chat history but still giving you a kickass web app. One wouldn’t even notice a lag when viewing pro pictures cause they are still being served from Whatsapp Servers.

Maybe Whatsapp should be used as a standard for private communications at this point in time. Not saying there is not a better application out there, just saying there’s no other application doing it at this scale, while growing too.

Now Whatsapp I need you to implement Call/Video conferencing using segments of peer to peer communications. I believe you can do it.

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