No one majority should have all that power

South Africa: A country where the majority of the people in it complain for 365 x 5 days about:

  • The suffering they go through on a daily.
  • The corruption of the government tenders.
  • The fire-pools of Skandla.
  • The miners that were ruthlessly shoot in Marikana.
  • The late delivery of textbooks in Limpopo.
  • The ever so hated e-tolls.
  • The bloody Eskom.
  • The 13 SA soldiers killed in the Central African Republic.
  • The rated R painting of the defaced spear of the nation painting.
  • The (way below the cost of living) minimum wage, and not forgetting to mention
  • The booed, at the memorial of one of the greatest revolutionaries of our time, president.

But all this seems to be forgotten on the very day giving to them to actually voice their concerns. Election day.

Amandla! Awethu?