Falling to far from the tree?

Looking at all the advances in technology I can only wonder why the word “smart” wasn’t even in the running for the coveted Word of the Year in the past number of years. Whether it’s a phone, TV or microwave, the word smart is added as a prefix and your device goes super saiyan! We have microwaves that can play TV, TV’s that can browse the net, next thing you know our phones will be able to heat our food.

The smart phone might even be worthy of the title super saiyan God. Phones used to be devices that allowed you to talk/text someone you intended on communicating with easily and very conveniently. Now the are devices which you can take pictures, read news/blogs(Are you reading this on your phone? Thank you Samsung, Nokia, Apple, LG, HTC, Hauwie, etc.), listen to music, stalk a person you like, make music, stalk a person you think you love, record videos, block the person who is stalking you, edit videos, write on public platform (such as facebook and twitter) about a person who is stalking you, publish videos, shop for goods, thinking of doing something random with your device, search for an app to do that random thing, install it and totally torture the devices battery. The same can almost be said about the other smart siblings we have.

The only problem I have with all this is how much these devices deter from there actual function. To prove my point, have you ever struggled using a microwave because you didn’t know which button (or sequence of buttons) turns it on? You find yourself standing there, ready to devour your pre-prepared meal, and all the buttons you press do something cool which is totally disjoint to satisfying your hunger. How smart is this? Not good enough of an argument? Ever saw how big this “mobile” devices get these days? We took away the right to diss how old mobile phones resembled bricks, by us talking into brick shaped && sized devices.



Please don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate the improvements but I would like them to retain more and more of their intended purpose. I’m not saying they should bring back the easy to use/understand dials which made using the microwave pleasant, but let us please not allow for the two to placed before the one. A smart device should first, and foremost, fulfill it’s intended use in the least amount of steps available and then it can transform into a rocket ship headed to mars when I have finished eating the dinner my mom put in the fridge for me. Either that or a high end mobile device that fits in my pocket, without me having to do the cerebral palsy boogie jive just to get it out.